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Lima Peru. 5th stop # SagaSouthAmerica

The trip from Máncora to Lima by bus took almost 24 hours. I was remembering that this part I went with the Oltursa company, not Cruz del Sur as I said in the previous blog, although it does exist and I did use it later on. In any case, I arrived in Lima, tired from the trip and from the party in Máncora.

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Máncora, Peru. 4th stop #SagaSouthAmerica

I have 3 photos of Máncora, a shame but you will see why I only have 3. But everything begins with the bus leaving at night from Cuenca (1st stop) and it was going fast, that’s how irresponsible drivers can be. A friend from the US was sitting next to me and he said “this guy means business”.

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#SagaAsia | Bagan, the city of the 2000 temples

We left China at the end of January 2020, as they closed one by one the borders that we were crossing. Until we finally got to Myanmar (Burma). We touched down in Mandalay and, after a few moments of traveling, we entered Bagan, the city of temples and a World Heritage Site.

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October 9, 1820, Independence of Guayaquil

Inspired by the revolutionary movements brewing around America, in 1814 José de Antepara, José Joaquín Olmedo and José de Villamil arrived in Guayaquil to promulgate among the people of Guayaquil, not only rooting for a change in authorities, but to change the political and social structure of America.

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#SagaAsia | A movie-like town at the foot of the Great Wall

This is what we came for, in China. The big Wall. I considered several times skipping this tourist part of China because, due to its fame, there’s a deeply rooted imaginary and I did not think that living it would change it that much. But I was wrong. We got to the Great Wall in Simatai from a small town that looked like a movie studio, the Water Town of Gubei.

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#SagaTop10 | Beijing, China #SagaAsia

We picked the 10 best photos of Beijing, China by Instagrammers! We focused, not only on tourist monuments, but photos that demonstrate different aspects of the city. You can also read about our trip to Beijing, in the #SagaAsia. Also, you can read here about how the whole Asian adventure started. These are the winners!

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Top 10 Photos Saga: Asia

Before Covid-19 forced us to stay still and at home, I had the opportunity to travel around Asia. In this blog I leave you the best photos of each location that I visited in my trip during a month between January and February 2020.

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Top 10 photos Saga: Southamerica

A few years ago we toured 4 countries in South America backpacking through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. These are some photos of the places we visited: Cuenca, Cajas National Park, Lima, Machu Picchu, the Salt flats, Copacabana, the Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine! Read more about the Saga: South America here and follow us on this trail.

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