These writers are the face of Ecuadorian literature

María Fernanda Ampuero and Mónica Ojeda rise among the top places of important literature lists of 2018: New York Times and Babelia de El País.

The chronicler from Guayaquil (Ampuero) is among “The Ten Fiction Books of the Year” of the New York Times magazine (in Spanish). Her book has received good reviews and reception from an audience that faced the reality of life embodied in the stories of Cockfight (Pelea de gallos).

In some interviews, she herself acknowledges that she has made her characters spend many bad times, but no situation far from the reality we live in, especially women: on a daily basis and from a very young age. This type of issues is what the author brings up in her texts and is one that has connected with readers from different backgrounds who recognize the same problem in their lives.


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Mónica Ojeda is also from Guayaquil and her novel Mandíbula (translates to Jaw) is number 12 on the list of Babelia (Diario El País – Spain) of the 50 best books of 2018. She has surprised the world of literature with this new thriller that has been called bold, “but comes through.” Its narrative focuses on a group of teenagers from an Opus school where curiosity about horror is manifested in cults, kidnappings and violence of various levels. Carlos Pardo’s review in El País suggests Mandíbula and Ojeda as a mandatory reading and not only of 2018.

María Fernanda Ampuero is part of our list of Ecuadorian women you should know, and now we want to add Monica Ojeda to it.