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Motransa Mitsubishi Accion Animal Saga Saga Creativa Game Changers Accion Animal Animalizate Catman and Dogin PAE Nature Community Ecuador

#GameChangers | Mitsubishi, Animals in danger

A story that was born from the will to help, which came to life thanks to the good heart of the human being. Take these minutes and you will know that you can generate a change in yourself and your company, you will know that you can receive and give love for the simple fact that it is there to reach it. We are telling this story in collaboration with Motransa Mitsubishi, a company that has helped foundations such as: Animalízate, Acción Animal Ecuador, Dog Walking Quito, Catman and Dogin, PAE (Animal Protection Ecuador) for several years.

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Mi Saga Historia un extrano encuentro Saga Ecuador Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador Storytelling Yacuma

#Mysaga | Story “A small bite”

This is the second story that this man told us in the Yacuma forests, in eastern Ecuador. A story that leaves us a wake-up call when entering the rivers of the Amazon. What did you think of the story?

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Historia las Mariposas Monarca Daria Lamarcx Saga Artes Gente Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador cover

#Mysaga | Story of the Monarch Butterflies

It’s time! We’ve started the #MySaga segment with a powerful story that touched our hearts. Told by @daria_lamaracx about the trans struggle. We chose this story because today, March 31, is the International Day of Trans Visibility, that is why we invite you to listen and share this beautiful story. We thank Daría for giving us this content.

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Música Ocupa Migra 2019: Quito | Gallery

Música Ocupa Migra, a joint project between the InConcerto Foundation and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), toured Ecuador filling public spaces with classical music up to its final destination: the Center for Contemporary Art in Quito.

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Accion Animal Ecuador Gamechangers Game Changers Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador Saga Nature Quito

#GameChangers | Acción Animal Ecuador

Acción Animal Ecuador is an animal shelter in Quito, Ecuador, with around 250 puppies rescued, mistreated, injured, run over. Every day they seek support from the community to give these little animals a second chance. Also, if you want to help you can participate as a volunteer, you can donate materials, food or money in the bank account we specify below. Look for them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Acción Animal Ecuador and visit their website at http://accionaenimalecuador.org/ so you can see everything they are doing.

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El rio negro de Todas Somos Martha Saga Creativa Saga Community Ecuador Quito cover

The black river of #TodasSomosMartha

We’ve all looked for a way to vomit the indignation accumulated in our chest, we have cried staring at the void to see if at least there we could find something. I think we intended to see the future and, for a brief moment, we visualized something that filled us with courage: we will be free. I saw it in the black river of the march #TodasSomosMartha

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Resena Nunca me abandones Kazuo Ishiguro Saga Arts Saga Reviews Saga Creativa Ecuador cover

Review: Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

The sixth book of the Nobel Prize for Literature (2017), Kazuo Ishiguro, and the first on which we comment from this Japanese / British author, Never Let Me Go is a dystopia that opens a debate about society, art and the soul.

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Top 10 fotos Pastores Alemanes Saga Animals Saga Creativa Ecuador


The end of the year is near and fireworks seem to be the trademark that marks its closure. Humans can enjoy its colorful spectacle, even its loud sounds, but the experience is not the same for animals.

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La Casa Catapulta Espacio Cultural Quito Saga Arts Saga Creativa Ecuador

Casa Catapulta, cultural space in Quito

We visited a cultural space in the Historic Center of Quito and talked to Nardel Acuña. The “Casa Catapulta” (translates to Catapult House) is a place that manages itself, with volunteers who come from everywhere to contribute with their skills, knowledge and time to create a better society. Find out a little more in this video about what they are doing.

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Informe Planeta Vivo 2018 WWF World Wildlife Fund Planet Report Saga Nature Saga Creativa Ecuador WWF Ecuador

WWF 2018 Planet Report

The data from the 2018 World Wildlife Fund report confirms that we’ve damaged our planet. Studies reveal how we are destroying it, how we are exterminating hundreds of species and how, in turn, we are damaging our own existence. “This is not a story of fatality and pessimism; it’s reality”

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