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MiSaga Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador Historia Peru Q'eros profecía andina Andes Ecuador

#MySaga | Q’eros, the Andean prophecy

Today in #MiSaga we tell you about the prophecy of the Q’eros of Peru, the last Inca population of the country. The guardians of the ancestral wisdom of the Andes came out of isolation to share the sacred prophecy of the new Pachakutik.

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Saga Creativa Mi Saga Las Ranas Encantadas Saga Ecuador Leyendas Historias MInerias Intag Naturaleza Cedenma

#MySaga | The enchanted frogs

Today in #MiSaga, a story based on the reappearance of two frogs in Íntag. His discovery has managed to beat mining. We wrote this story to raise awareness about nature in Ecuador.

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Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador La Muerte Tradiciones Ecuador Leyendas Ecuador Mitos Tradiciones Ecuatorianas

#MySaga | Wañuy, the crowded bridge

For the month of death, because it is globally celebrated, because there are so many interpretations, unknowns, reverences, fears, and more, we wrote this saga about her. We draw on Ecuadorian traditions and we are left with the question, is death the end or is it transformation? We would like to read your comments.

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Saga Creativa Ecuador Historias Mi Saga 12 De Octubre

#MySaga | October 12, Day of…

Do you know what is celebrated on October 12 around the world? Is it really a celebration that considers the history of Latin America? Today in #MiSaga, what should we consider in this commemoration.

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La vida y muerte del sol Mi Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador Saga Arte y Gente cover

#MySaga | Life and death of the sun

The sun fights a daily battle. It is one of the reasons we are here, but it will also be one of the reasons why we will not be. Subscribe here to our Youtube channel for more stories. (Video with English subtitles).

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Historia las Mariposas Monarca Daria Lamarcx Saga Artes Gente Saga Creativa Saga Ecuador cover

#Mysaga | Story of the Monarch Butterflies

It’s time! We’ve started the #MySaga segment with a powerful story that touched our hearts. Told by @daria_lamaracx about the trans struggle. We chose this story because today, March 31, is the International Day of Trans Visibility, that is why we invite you to listen and share this beautiful story. We thank Daría for giving us this content.

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