Reflections from isolation

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Like many, we have taken time to reflect on what we are experiencing. We call for empathy and solidarity, to give each other a hand. We would like to hear your thoughts:). Music: Francisco J Gordillo - Pleione (The Pleiades).

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Storytelling | Illa Experience Hotel, Quito – Ecuador

Audiovisual production: script, recording and editing to tell the story of Illa Experience Hotel in the San Marcos neighborhood. We connected the stories of guests, the experiences they live through in their desire to fulfill a bucketlist: make memories. We highlighted the colorful details both in the activities and of each corner of this beautiful hotel to demonstrate that everything you live, you keep.

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Hamadryade Lodge, Misahuallí

A place in Misahuallí, Ecuador, took us in for a few days. Hamadryade Lodge is an incredible site surrounded by a protected forest. It was healed by its owners who recovered it since this location was once a gold mining site.

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